These spaces are an important sales tool and communication of brand concepts. The team of consultants attends to the client, who lives the experience together with them, an exclusive treatment in a cozy atmosphere, where they demonstrate the ability to suggest designs correctly according to the client's need and desire.

You can chat with us live or call for further assistance.

Trans. 2, Caracas 1060, Miranda, Venezuela


Caracas is the city where we designed the first space, Altamira and Las Mercedes are part of the areas with the best urbanity and shopping proposals.


Corner YB

Spaces in allied stores that handle the brand in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Spain and the US.

In general, other Latin American design brands converge, which makes us a product with international competition. 

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Dominican Republic

Costa Rica



United States


Participation in international events allows you to discover new languages and shopping habits. Projects such as Sticht Lab Miami, Santa Paloma LatamShow, among others, have made Yenny Bastida part of these markets.