What does Vernacular mean?

The first time I read the word Vernacular was in a 1985 book by Venezuelan architect Federico Vegas for Princetown University. Each page reflects the shapes and colors of the most traditional houses and facades. Vernacular: what is typical of that country, of the people. It is a term little used today but it captures the most indigenous spirit of our communities, what differentiates us. Vernacular for me expresses the feelings and behavior of a local, when it comes to inviting you to live like him, his beliefs, his everyday objects, a woven chair, a pewter cup.

Colección: Vernácula

In this collection we bring together innovative textile work such as the development of fabrics in which organic cotton is combined in the weft and warp, with natural fibers such as Palma de Moriche, from the Delta. The sustainability of inputs and processes, hand in hand with the ethics of the structure in each program in which our brand is involved demonstrates that our DNA is not negotiable, it is a promise.


Enfocados en crear piezas únicas, hechas a mano

“Utilizamos y reinterpretamos materiales y técnicas de nuestro legado cultural, junto a insumos de calidad y exclusividad”.