Sol de Maracaibo. New and delicate technique

Vaivèn (baj'ßen) m. Alternating movement of a body in two opposite directions. “Come and Go, those are the verbs that always take me to wonderful places, learning and research processes that transform me”.

Colección: Vaivén SS23

The designer Yenny Bastida describes her Creative process and life in a constant Vaivèn, where evolution is a necessity. In this collection, she starts from new professional habits where textile research within the cultural legacy and the exploration of new forms and inputs resulting equally feminine designs, but with a new language.

Reinvent our hand pleating techniques and create giant scrunchies to add volumen to the shoulders, making bomber jackets and turning them into dresses, the use of metal zippers to give a touch of modernism without detracting from elegance, and crochet and loom fabrics continue to gain strength, in addition to the presence of a new and delicate technique called sol de Maracaibo, are part of the details of this collection.

“I just want to wear them everyday making the day memorable”


Enfocados en crear piezas únicas, hechas a mano

“Utilizamos y reinterpretamos materiales y técnicas de nuestro legado cultural, junto a insumos de calidad y exclusividad”.