An experience in each design, show the value behind them by promising to make them feel unique and always give them the best

quality and exclusivity

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A team created by women who develop their capacities to the maximum in design and production, thanks to the philosophy of commitment and responsibility that Yenny Bastida drives in her workshop, a company with productive leadership, demonstrating the strength of teamwork.

All the pieces are produced in a friendly environment, where the children of each employee are cared for with their daily food and extra-school training with personalized classes: art, languages and creativity, while their mothers run the design center,cutting, confection and production.

Yenny Bastida's mission is to participate as a protagonist in the development of the fashion industry in Venezuela, with a project that dresses with values.

Focused on creating unique handmade pieces, through the development of techniques,cuts and designs that respond to temperament ofLatin American women: determined,

Entrepreneur, tenacious and enthusiastic, exclusive designs with a sustainable conscience and a tropical accent.

While the country is debating in one of the fiercest political, economic and social crises, the concept of a project grows much stronger.

Develop the brand and build a trained team with the premise of hand sewing in Venezuela was a challenge, but keeping the idea became a survival task.

Yenny Bastida offers an experience in each design, show the value behind them by promising to make them feel unique and always give them the best: quality and exclusivity.

Brand Personality

Design contemporary pieces for daily wear with the intention of making your clientele feel unique. Yenny Bastida inspires beauty and femininity in a special way, from joy, designs with colors and shapes created to live experiences, the passion to discover the value of a cultural legacy mixed with the wonderful art of the craft of sewing.

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Brand Values

The Yenny Bastida brand has a concept of sustainable and ethical production, in which each team member has a function and discovers the value of work and the importance to the team that we have formed. 

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Stitches for the Future

This project serves children from newborns to 14 years old. They receive private lessons and professional attention in their school activities, while their mothers work.