The Private Life of Rag Dolls

Aquiles Nazoa, a Venezuelan writer and poet, wrote an essay in 1975 called The Private Life of Rag Dolls, and with him I got to know the playful world of creation through scraps. Rag dolls represent a creative and authentic way of taking our imagination to unique moments of our childhood.

Collection: Pūpae Fall 22

Our premise always leads us to offer you more and more exclusivity. The volume in the sleeves and shoulders, skirts with textures and techniques that highlight artisan work, where manual preparation, weaving, the deconstruction of textiles and the creation of new forms make each piece unique. Our premise always leads us to an increasingly controlled production to offer exclusivity and guarantee the work of our entire team. This time we learned from the Funes sisters, dolls by profession, the task of bringing a doll to life.


Focused on creating unique handmade pieces

"We use and interpret materials and techniques from our cultural legacy, along with quality and exclusive inputs."