Passion & Tradition

A homage to the rich heritage and cultural tapestry of a nation, drawing inspiration from age-old traditions.

  • A team of talented and inspiring women pushing the boundaries of fashion design and production.

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  • Cherished wardrobe staples, with a touch of tropical flair, suited to the everyday and special occasions alike.

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Intricate Details and Handmade Knits. 

Explore a world of creativity through our meticulously crafted pieces.

Live the collections 

Discover the power of self-expression through pieces infused with Latin American flair.

Preserving Legacy Through Timeless Pieces

“We carefully analyze, interpret, and integrate materials and techniques from our cultural legacy, ensuring that each piece is unique and of the highest quality.”

Yenny Bastida -

Stitches for the Future

Since 2013 our social initiative helps our predominantly female workforce to care for their children by providing on-site tutoring, daycare and meals.


The brand emerged during the rise of social media, fully embracing the realm of digital marketing. Yenny Bastida has formed valuable alliances with influential figures who have made a profound impact in the fashion industry.