Weave, braid and intertwine talents and gifts in each design

Texere (tés-se-re is its pronunciation) is a Latin verb that means to weave, braid, intertwine, and that is exactly what this collection represents, because with each design not only threads and fabrics come together, but also talent and gifts. of new people in the team.

Collection: Tèssere Fall 2021

"In this proposal I dedicated myself to creating from the fiber, fabrics made from scratch by the master hands of a team made up of crochet artisans, together with my workshop team, delicately assembling each design by hand. I'm excited!"

Statement pieces such as crocheted cropped tops, wide skirts and dresses gathered by hand, designs that will undoubtedly be part of that special moment.


Focused on creating unique handmade pieces

"We use and interpret materials and techniques from our cultural legacy, along with quality and exclusive inputs."